Community Pharmacist Consultation Service


Community Pharmacist Consultation Service

Did you know?

It takes five years for pharmacists to become fully trained. Our pharmacists at Horbury Road Pharmacy are experts in the use of medicines and are qualified to diagnose and treat minor illnesses. They are required to continually update their knowledge and skills with regular training being a mandatory requirement of their professional registration.

With this service if your symptoms could be resolved by a booked consultation with the pharmacist instead of the GP, you will be given a same-day referral to a pharmacy of your choice. This means you don’t always need to wait for a GP appointment but can be seen promptly and conveniently by your local Pharmacist.


How does CPCS work?

When GP practices participate in the service simply call the practice and you will be asked about your symptoms. If they indicate that you can best be helped by a pharmacist, you will be offered a same day private consultation with a community pharmacist at a local pharmacy of your choice.

Community pharmacists have already successfully seen thousands of patients for a consultation for a minor illness, following a call to NHS 111. You can still be referred in this way from NHS 111, but this new way of arranging consultations with the pharmacist by a GP practice is now very convenient for patients. We can see you locally, at a convenient time that suits you and quickly.


What happens when I see the community pharmacist?

Your GP surgery or NHS 111 will share your personal details with our pharmacist at Horbury Road Pharmacy and details of your minor illness and the pharmacist will contact you to arrange your consultation on the same day, or at a time that suits you.

You may be seen in person in a private consulting room. You will be asked about your medical history and symptoms and current medication, in the same way the GP would ask you about them.
Usually, the pharmacist will provide you with advice and can sell you with an over the counter product where needed, if you choose. They will also send details of your consultation back to your GP for your records.

If our pharmacist feels you need to be seen by a GP urgently, they will call us to ensure you are seen, or they will advise you to contact the hospital Emergency Department if deemed necessary. You may also be referred back to us to arrange a non-urgent appointment or follow up.

Quick, local and expert healthcare for you in Wakefield, without the need for a GP appointment.


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