Blood Glucose Checking


Blood Glucose Checking

Blood glucose checking in Wakefield or Lupset, Wakefield is vital especially for those living with diabetes.

Regular blood glucose checking can clearly show how you get affected by lifestyle changes. This can be visible through your blood glucose levels. High glucose levels can increase your chances of developing conditions like nerve damage, poor circulation, stroke, and kidney, heart, and eye diseases.


Blood glucose checking in Wakefield


Why should I do blood glucose checking in Wakefield or Lupset, Wakefield?

If you have diabetes, blood glucose checking is the best way of staying in control because it alerts you on your status at any time. It can assist in determining your risk of experiencing a hyperglycaemic episode (a ‘hyper’) or hypoglycaemic episode (a ‘hypo’).

It’s important not to do any alteration to any of your long-term medication because of a one-time low or high reading. Start with working out in case there is a pattern prior to applying any changes. You can also talk to us or your healthcare provider for some advice and assistance.


Can I control the level of my blood glucose?

Balancing between exercise, food, and medication can play a great role in controlling your blood glucose.

– Eating a healthy and balanced diet
– Exercising regularly
– Taking your diabetes medicines as prescribed
– Understanding how your medicines work in your body


What to do if your blood glucose levels are high

If you experience consistent high glucose levels that are above the normal target, you may be at risk of developing health issues.

It will be necessary to make some changes to your lifestyle including your diet to prevent the occurrence of hyperglycaemia. You may also need to change your medication if you are taking any.


What to do if your blood glucose levels are low

If the level of your blood glucose goes below 4 mmol/L, you may be at risk of developing hypoglycaemia. Changing your medication or adjusting your lifestyle is necessary.


How our blood glucose checking in Lupset can help

At Horbury Pharmacy, we do blood glucose checking to ensure that you know your levels at any given time. This will allow you to adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

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